The Office of the Governor of California has set up a hotline public opinion vote on the recent state Supreme Court decision regarding same-sex marriage. It’s a fully automated system and it’s not, repeat not, limited to California residents.

The number works. It’s not a scam. I’ve just called it myself. If ever you’ve thought, huh, wish I could do something to help all my queer friends, now is the time.

To vote in support of the California Supreme Court’s decision on same-sex marriage, call the Governor’s office:

1. call 1-916-445-2841
2. press options 1 (english) 5 (to vote), 1 (LGBT issue), 1 (vote yes)

It’s really easy. The first time I called, the line was busy. The second time, the whole process took about ten seconds. Are your queer friends worth ten seconds of your time?