A quick addition to my earlier post. I’ve just read in The Advocate that Gov. Deval Patrick is set to sign a bill that will allow gay couples who live outside Massachusetts to marry in the state: “A spokesman for the governor says the signing ceremony will take place at noon Thursday in the Statehouse. The change in the law will take effect immediately because the Legislature attached a provision waiving the customary 90-day waiting period.”


That Daniel Craig has signed on to portray a bisexual Roman emperor in an upcoming film. The Advocate says, “Hadrian, who ruled the Roman Empire from 117 to 138 A.D, allegedly had an affair with a teenage Greek boy, Antinuos, while married.” Ha. Yes, technically Hadrian (2nd century AD) was bisexual; he was married; Emperors had to marry. But Hadrian was insanely (I use the word advisedly) in love with Antinous. Their relationship being characterised as an ‘affair’ feels dismissive–though again, technically correct. (Or is it? I forget how much we do or don’t actually know about Hadrian. I think I know because I’ve read Yourcenar and she is so very authoritative.) When Antinous died, Hadrian had him declared a god (just like Alexander did with Hephaistion) and founded a city in his name.

But still, how cool that Daniel Craig will play him. Wonder who they’ll cast as the pretty boy Antinous? (Anyone else remember Tony Curtis as a similar pretty boy character–Antoninus, I think–in Spartacus?)

Perhaps it’s time to reread Fire from Heaven (Mary Renault) and Memoirs of Hadrian (Marguerite Yourcenar) and rewatch Spartacus. Now if someone would just write some way-back-when historical stuff with lesbians– Oh, wait, that’s what I’m doing…