Late in 2006 and early 2007, when I was finishing Always and working on my memoir, my creative engine just wouldn’t shut down. Every night, exhausted, I would start falling asleep only to have these weird dreamlike writing scenes drop into my head. I’d write them down, in the dark, on 3×5 index cards. In the morning, they were sometimes not legible. Sometimes even if they were legible they didn’t make sense. Sometimes they sort of made sense but were incredibly strange. I have twenty or thirty of these snippets, which I call my hypnagogic writing. I don’t edit them, because although they’re strange, they are exactly themselves.

Here, by special request, is one of those snippets in audio format. It doesn’t have a title, though I suppose, for ease of reference, we could call it “Rain.” It’s 37 seconds long. Enjoy.

Also, over at Gemæcce, my research blog, I’ve just done a post about Hadrian (his show at the British Museum, his wall, his boyfriend), which some of you may enjoy.