It’s a misty morning here in Seattle. I woke up late, with that limp, relaxed don’t-have-to-do-a-goddamned-thing-today feeling. I spent a leisurely hour reading the paper at the breakfast table, sipping tea, looking at this view of the ravine:

Then, putting the dirty dishes in the sink I looked out of the back kitchen window and saw my favourite bush positively glowing in the weird light:

Just a bit beyond the bush is the tree I photographed a zillion times before. It has two leaves hanging on. I suspect they might hang on all winter. But just in case they don’t:

And finally, just so the front of the house doesn’t feel left out:

I’ll resize all these and put them up on A View of One’s Own (we have dozens of things up there now, some of them quite lovely).

Later, after lunch, we’re planning to watch Descent. That should banish the lazy, misty feelings…