I saw a pair of eagles yesterday riding a thermal near our house: circling up and up, catching the rising air, saving energy, picking up height, then peeling away on their long glide down to wherever they were going. I thought: Oh, good. 2009 will be a fine year. And then I realised it was Friday, and I’d forgotten to do my audio post. I’m deep in Hild world; I keep losing track of the days. I don’t mind but you may find it a little tedious when I forget to do things I’ve promised (or when I write posts like this that don’t quite hang together unless you already know what I’m talking about). But right now I’m thinking, Fly like an eagle. I don’t want to be whirring and flapping and fussing, just gliding majestically about my business.

I hope your weekend, too, is one long glide.