The final results are in for our publishing co-op vote. In order of popularity:

27 (the world: the end multi-chapter epic), 20 points
28 (we don’t have the right idea yet), 18 points
18 (the rethought Iliad), 12 points
1 (a collection of my stories), 12 points

20, 9 points
15, 9 points
14, 7 points
17, 6 points
13, 6 points
9, 6 points
23, 5 points
26, 4 points
11, 3 points
10, 3 points
6, 3 points
2, 3 points
25, 2 points
21, 2 points
10, 2 points
22, 1 point

I had originally thought we’d simply go with a winner-takes-all result, but the fact that #28, ‘we’re not there yet’, is such a close second indicates to me that we have a problem.

So what do you want to do? Choose #27 anyway, and refine the idea in discussion? Hold a run-off vote? Talk more?

Oh, and I’ll be closing these comments tomorrow at midnight. I want to move all co-op stuff to the Google Group we’ve set up, Ozymandias. A blog isn’t really the best place for it. So please go join if you want to part of this moving forward.

*** These comments are now closed. Discussion continues over on Ozymandias, the Google group. If you’d like to be part of the co-op, please join. ***