This is another cover song, this time of Joan Armatrading’s What Do You Want? It was recorded long, long ago (1983, I think) on that infamous boombox, and the sound quality, sadly, leave a vast great deal to be desired. (If you use iTunes, crank up the pre-amp; it helps.) Enjoy.
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Jane, the guitarist, really liked this song, so I agreed to do a version. I’m not sure why I chose to avoid the melody so hard. I wasn’t in love with the song but I don’t remember feeling resentful. Perhaps I was experimenting, I just don’t recall.

I couldn’t find “What Do You Want?” on either IMEEM or YouTube, but I did find this version of “Willow,” a very fine song.

I had lunch, in 1981 I think, with a friend of Joan Armatrading’s brother–who swore up down and sideways that he said his sister wasn’t a dyke. But if Joan Armatrading hasn’t had sex with girls I’ll eat my sofa.

If you don’t know who Joan Armatrading is run, don’t walk, to your nearest iTunes and buy anything and everything from her first four albums from the 1970s:

* Show Some Emotion – 1977
* Joan Armatrading – 1976
* Back to the Night – 1974
* Whatever’s for Us – 1972

She’s one of a kind.