This blog gets an average of 239 page views a day. An additional 60 or 70 people read the posts on MySpace (I cut and paste manually because MySpace is such a bloody awkward interface–very controlling, tuh) and perhaps 50 a day read it on my website (FeedBurner does that work for me, yay). About 40 more read everything via FeedBurner emails. No idea how many read the LiveJournal posts (probably only a handful). So that makes an average of getting on for 400 blog reads a day. Which I think is kind of cool, given that I’ve been doing this less than ten months.

In nine weeks it’ll be AN’s first anniversary. It’s been an interesting year, learning how all this stuff works (65% of you use Firefox and Safari, about 35% of you use a Mac), getting to know you (from Zhengzhou, China to F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming), figuring out what you like, what pisses you off; what gets you all stirred up, what makes you say, Meh. You seem to like wine and chocolate. And rants. And what I think of as fairly humdrum posts about What I Did Today.

Sadly, I haven’t been doing much the last two or three weeks. I’ve just restarted physical therapy and it’s left me feeling like an engine that’s rusted shut. This level of stiffness and muscle fatigue removes much of my impulse to chat. But at some point (oh, soon I hope), all the rust will flake off and my new super shiny honed and revved self will zoom back. Then we’ll party.

Meanwhile, I’m off to read some non-intellectually challenging dyke fiction and some (ditto) historical war fiction and just revel in fictional sex (bound up with honour and duty) and violence (ditto) in between napping, drinking tea, and eating entirely too much chocolate. Oh, wait, there’s no such thing as too much chocolate.

Perhaps you’ll take a minute to tell me something about yourselves…