From the Guardian, news of the new lesbian Batwoman:

Fans at Comic Con in New York this week were treated to a sneak preview of DC Comics‘s highest profile gay superhero, Batwoman, described by her creator as “the kind of sexy that makes you think of a succubus with a very bad attitude”.

With fiery red hair, a skin-tight leather cat suit and knee-high red stiletto boots – complete with a blood red bat symbol on her ample chest – Batwoman, the alter ego of Kathy Kane, is set to make her debut on bookshelves this June in Detective Comics 854. Her appearance follows the shock – apparent – demise of Bruce Wayne, the multi-millionaire philanthropist who has protected the streets of Gotham City as Batman since 1939.

Writer Greg Rucka said that Batwoman – who first appeared in 1957 but was killed off in 1979 – was “exceptionally cool”.

“Yes, she’s a lesbian. She’s also a redhead. It is an element of her character. It is not her character. If people are going to have problems with it, that’s their issue,” he told Comic Book Resources. “Frankly, she should be judged on her merits.”

The article has a link to Greg Rucka’s blog with some sample art dialogue. It looks pretty cool. I’ve never really done comics or graphic novels but given the love Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 8 has been getting, and this, I should probably just get over it. (But, oh, they’re not available for Kindle. How dim are these publishers?)

Though, ooof, having said that I’ve looked over Maus and Funhome and Strangers in Paradise; I’ve read a zillion Dykes to Watch Out For and Hothead Paisan and Asterix and Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers–oh, I loved those as a teenager–so it’s not the pictures-with-words that don’t work for me, it’s the masked superhero thing. I wonder why…