Young male lizards in South Africa imitate females to fool aggressive older males into leaving them alone, in an example of transvestism in the natural world, researchers have found.

The lizards not only avoid fights but gain access to females under the nose of their more macho rivals, the South African and Australian researchers discovered.

At least according to this article on Yahoo. You should go read the whole thing. It’s interesting–less for the information that boys who look like girls get more sex (duh) but for the homophobic flavour of the piece: eew, boys might kiss. Also, transvestites are cross dressers and I’m not seeing any clothes on these reptiles.

When did journalism get so very sloppy?

However, I will ignore the writer’s incompetence and the editors’ carelessness and imagine, instead, a bunch o’ boy lizards painted to the nines and sashaying up to a startled lesbian lizard :)