According to the LA Times, the California Supreme Court “strongly indicated Thursday it would rule that Proposition 8 validly abolished the right for gays to marry but would allow same-sex couples who wed before the November election to remain legally married.”

What this means is that the court will deliver its decision that Proposition 8 is valid and that same-sex marriage is illegal–and 36,000 people will be walking and talking and breathing same-sex married life for all to see.

36,000 people.

On a fundamental level, Proposition 8 will be a farce; it will be seen to have failed. Yes, no more lesbians and gay men can marry their loves, for now, but meanwhile those 36,000 people will be there as living examples that women marrying women and men marrying men does not call down apocalypse. When all this goes back to the ballot, which it will, we will win because same sex marriage will be old news.

I feel for those Californians who had planned to marry this year. I also feel vast contempt for the justices who, afraid of recall, are splitting hairs to reach absurd conclusions. The validation of Proposition 8 means any voter initiative in California can take away any right of any group of citizens. Want to say that all blue-eyed people can’t drive? Done! This is clearly ridiculous. They’re going to do it anyway because they want to keep their jobs.

The court has 90 days to deliver its opinion. In 90 days they’ll be the laughing stock of the judicial world. And lesbians and gay men will be angry. Very angry. Buckle up. This is going to get interesting.