The view from our window.

I’ve just got back from time on the Olympic Peninsula with Kelley, my sister Anne and her sweetie Eric. I did nothing. For three days.

Well, okay, I wandered about near the water (Hood Canal) and ate a lot, and sat in the window seat of our room staring at the water and the mountains. Then I ate some more. Stared some more. Had a drink in the bar.

Most of the staring time was spent being perfectly blank. But I did a little thinking, too, mainly about Hild. Once Anne and Eric go back to the UK I’ll be tackling my novel with renewed energy and a clearer sense of purpose. (That is, Hild’s purpose. I think I can now make the whole religion thing work structurally. No, I’m not ready to talk about it. Yes, that does make me a tease.)

So here’s another tease for you: lots of people have bemoaned the fact that there’s no Janes Plane video. Well, there is. I now have it on my hard drive…