My computer is old. My software is broken. My brain is tired. Which is my way of saying: I still haven’t worked out how to edit a bit of UK video and embed a clip here. (Or anywhere–because it’s not the embedding that’s the problem, it’s the clipping, seriously: is it even possible to do this shit using only Windows Media? I tried downloading a WMP trimmer plugin but that gummed up the works.)

But I didn’t let such a little detail deter me. For your delectation and delight I pulled some screenshots from said video and was happily making them into a slideshow when Kelley said: Yikes! You look like David Bowie!

I stopped work immediately, feeling crushed. So now I need to know from you. Look at these two photos, taken on stage at the Brixton Academy (or was it the Brixton Ace? I forget) in 1983 (or was it ’82?):

and take the poll:

I really did have a mullet. The camera doesn’t lie:

A dyke mullet. I am mortified.