Charis Books and More, in Little Five Points, Atlanta, is where I heard my first author reading. It’s where I gave my first reading. It’s where I met Dorothy Allison and Sarah Schulman and Ursula K. Le Guin, and then got to know them. And I mean “got to know them.” I had dinner with them, drinks, had them to my home. Charis is the kind of place that makes that possible. It’s also a fine, fine bookshop: light, airy, staffed by kind, knowledgeable people.

Like all small independents, especially feminist bookshops, it relies upon community support. Here’s their latest newsletter:

Dear Friends:

Perhaps you know how much I love CHARIS, but I want to share some of the reasons with you now.

Charis Books and More is one of only 10 proudly surviving feminist bookstores in the country. Charis has stood the test of time because it is so much more than a bookstore; it is an extraordinary space where people come in, come out, come by and become. Charis has managed to survive for 35 years because thousands of people have called Charis “Home.”

Charis Circle, Charis’ non-profit organization, does great and untiring work for the community in the Charis space. I’m asking you to help support this sacred space and the amazing free events offered there by supporting Charis Circle! Go to to see a list of our upcoming events.

Amidst responsible cutbacks, Charis Circle is determined to keep building feminist community, fueled this year by our 90-day campaign called “Building Sustainable Feminist Community During Economic Uncertainty.” Charis Circle is widening its reach by asking more donors to give less. The theme for the campaign, “$100 from 500”, is our way of saying, “We understand you may be cutting back and so are we. If you, and 499 other people like you, can donate just $100 this year and pledge to do so next year, you can help take a stand AGAINST racism, homophobia, sexism, able-ism and classism and FOR rights, empowerment, equality, education, and choices for women and for all people!” $100 per year is less than $10 a month, so please consider monthly giving as an option. Of course, NO donation is too small.

Won’t you help support one of my favorite non-profits by clicking the link below and by forwarding this to others you know who might be willing to support the work of Charis Circle?

DONATE NOW! to support our free programming and events!

If you can afford a little something, please consider giving it to Charis. And if you’re in Georgia, anywhere in Georgia, it’s worth a trip to Little Five Points to drop in and say hello. Also, of course, you can buy books (and more) from Charis, and support two birds with one purchase…