From: Kathy Ludwig

Imagine my delight that while playing trivial pursuit on my iphone a question about Ammonite appears in the arts and literature category. I was so pleased that I nearly ran out of time to answer. “What planet is the setting for Nicola Griffith’s Ammonite?” Thought you might get a kick out of it…

Wow, I absolutely get a kick out of it. Trivial Pursuit. That is very cool.

I used to play Trivial Pursuit in my stoner days. I loved acting out clues for people when it was my turn to read the question. In terms of answering, I was seriously crap at the sports questions. I just shouted, ‘Pele!’. (It’s surprising how often I was right–hey, it was the early eighties.)

And, uh, does anyone here not know the answer to the Ammonite question?

I should be finishing my story today, but I’ll probably spend a lot of time musing on how to convey the answer in mime to a bunch of wasted people. These days of course I would just fingerspell it–it’s only four letters, even I can do that–but back then, hmmn. Oh, I wish I could take video comments, I’d love to see some reader attempts.

What kind of prize would tempt any of you to give it a go?