Tuesday night we had half an andouille sausage, one chicken breast, a few tablespoons of cream, strained tomato, 3 courgettes and about five ounces of mushrooms. We made a delicious lightly spiced creamy pasta sauce. Quick and easy.

Cut andouille sausage into thin slices. Saute in a little olive oil. Transfer sausage to saucepan using slotted spoon. Cut chicken into bite-size pieces and saute in andouille sausaged olive oil. Transfer chicken to saucepan. Slice courgettes and mushrooms, saute very lightly, tip whole lot–veggies and oil–into saucepan. Add bunch of strained tomato. Heat. In another saucepan bring water to the boil. Add pasta (we had wholewheat penne, but anything will do). Cook. When pasta is done, turn off heat under sauce. While pasta is draining, heat plates and stir cream into sauce. Serve.


We also had homemade carrot cake afterwards, served with the last bit of cream, whipped. Why don’t I weigh a thousand pounds? Not entirely sure. But the next few days I doubt I’ll be gaining weight: cold food only in this weather. (We hit 103 degrees yesterday.)