Wow. Captain Blood in space! I can hardly stand it. I would kill (but, y’know, only bad people–or perhaps a yappy dog) to be doing this script. In fact I just downloaded twelve (12, one dozen) Rafael Sabatini novels to my Kindle. I was ready! Tuh.

According to Cinematical, the ‘faithful’ rewrite of the Errol Flynn blockbuster got rethought. But, eh, who cares?! Space or ocean, either way this has the potential to be a superior piece of swashbucklery. Oh, but who should star? I think Paul Bettany would be great. Or Gerard Butler. I wonder if Sean Bean could do it (might be fun to see him take a lighter role). Russell Crowe or Mel Gibson from 20 yrs ago could have done it, or Sean Connory of forty years ago. Who else? (For my money it has to be a Brit, or maybe–big maybe–an Australian. Americans are crap at that rogue boy twinkle, which is what is required. Hey, maybe John Barrowman *)

And, ooh, who could play the genderfuck version? Ann Bancroft of long ago. Tilda Swinton…maybe. Judi Dench of long ago. Catherine Deneuve?

So. Who should be Captain Blood? And should s/he roam the high seas or blackest space?

* Was Torchwood: Children of Earth cool or what?