I love my country:

The UK’s Royal Mail makes some 40 million unsuccessful first-time delivery attempts per year, causing no end of hassle for the consumers waiting to receive those packages. At the same time, Britain is losing about 52 of its pubs per week to recession-induced closures. Taken together, those two statistics underlie the creation of UseYourLocal, a new service backed by British brewer Scottish & Newcastle that facilitates package delivery to the local pub.

Read the rest here. (Thanks to Kelley, who pointed this out.)

Seriously, what a lovely idea. I hope it catches on.

What do you think bars/pubs should do/provide/coordinate? I think a car service would be fabulous. Nothing more pointless than trying to call a cab from a bar. They always take too long. Then you think, Well, I’ll just have one more while I wait. Then you’re in the bathroom when the cab arrives. Then you call another, and think, Just one more… Endless. Maybe they should also provide takeaway breakfast/hangover food so in the morning you could just open the box and eat without having to think (or decide anything or, shudder, do anything).