Goddammit. Here I am, working on Hild–the biggest project I’ve ever undertaken–and I get slammed in the head by yet another idea for a novel. This happens often (plus ideas for cooperatives, and screenplays, and how to fix publishing, recipes, and stories, and, well, you know: I’m a writer; I have ideas) but this one, oh, this one stopped me in my tracks.

So here I am, stopped, and getting more and more cross every second. This new idea is the most commercial idea I’ve ever had. (My writer brain doesn’t normally work that way; I’m an ahtist, dahling.) It’s infuriating.

I need to be focussing on Hild. But no, now my flibberty gibbet mind is off hitting on this newcomer.

Now I’ll have to spend at least an hour jotting down the main heads, a title, maybe the lit. equivalent of a logline. Goddammit.