Nancy Jane Moore talks about the self-defence stuff in Always over at Book View Cafe. Nancy was one of my students, long ago, but she’s not biased, oh dear me no. Aud is just an overwhelming fascinating character.

For those of you who have never met her, Aud is:

Seattle Weekly
The sexiest action figure since James Bond, 6 blond feet of sinew, muscle, and bone. She’s also an ex-cop, a martial arts instructor, a master carpenter, and a private dick for hire. She’s beautiful, she’s independently wealthy, she’s in perfect shape: she’s downright deadly. And sorry guys: she’s into girls….

Makes La Femme Nikita look like a Powerpuff Girl.
She knows how to fight, kill, survive and think…one of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls.

Village Voice
…one scary, gorgeous creature…a woman who loses herself in the beauty and balletic control of pure violence…an exceptional woman…a hero as sexy and iconic as television’s Xena.

New York Times
A classic noir hero.

The Advocate
Sleek, sexy, and decidedly dangerous–everything a suspense novel heroine should be.

Entertainment Weekly
…an intuitive, old-fashioned sleuth who would do Elmore Leonard proud.

Manda Scott
…a heroine for the modern age, the avenging angel inside us… I promise you, she’ll haunt your days long after you’ve finished the book… she’s fast, frightening, startlingly sexy… This is exhilarating stuff.

New York Daily News
…the love child of Smilla and Nikita

Seattle Post-Intelligencer
…charismatic, yet borderline personality

Laurie King
Gives whole new meaning to the phrase “strong woman”…a personification of every woman’s secret kick-ass fantasies.

City Pages
…would claim for women the entire spectrum of human behavior, including brutality and its sometime converse, rage.

Publishers Weekly
…tall, blonde, singular…a woman with a very sharp edge…as brutal as she is sensitive…wildly and exuberantly violent…hugely complex and unique.

Seattle Times
Vulnerable, stubborn, honest and engaging, she’s as large as life.

… a terrifying creature…as fascinating and complicated as she is dangerous and frightening

Lambda Book Report
…powerfully dynamic, a detective walking a fine moral line.
…clearly a woman, just a really different kind of woman.