Wow. Just read this Technorati ranking for Entertainment/book blogs which I gacked from Joe Sherry over at Adventures in Reading (a fine blog, go read it):

1. Jacket Copy
2. Whatever
3. Becky’s Book Reviews
4. Chasing Ray
5. Jen Robinson’s Book Page
6. The Book Smugglers
7. Romancing the Blog
8. if: book
9. Maw Books
10. Angieville

13. Fantasy Book Critic
15. Temple Library Reviews
16. Fantasy Café (tie)
24. SF Signal
49. Grasping for the Wind
69. Fantasy & SciFi Lovin’ News and Reviews
72. Torque Control
148. Adventures in Reading
214. Ask Nicola (<—- a head-scratching surprise)
215. Neil Gaiman’s Journal
218. Ecstatic Days
283. Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist (tie)
283. Mary Robinette Kowal (tie)
323. Fantasy Book News & Reviews
396. Galley Cat

Wow. And WTF? This makes no sense to me. I have a fine sense of my own worth, absolutely, but I don’t know why my blog is ranked higher than Galley Cat, Neil Gaiman, or Ecstatic Days. I’ve seen my stats. I can’t make this add up.

Does anybody out there know how this works (or doesn’t work)?

Addendum: I’m now at 199. (And now 88.) Oh, god, a new obsession is born…