I’m off the grid for the next few days, but I’ve put together a few posts to go up in my absence…

Fran Toolan has a post over at Follow The Reader about Brewster Kahle’s new BookServer project.

Brewster Kahle, Internet Archive Founder and Chief Librarian, introduced what he calls his “BookServer” project. BookServer is a framework of tools and activities. It is an open-architectured set of tools that allow for the discoverability, distribution, and delivery of electronic books by retailers, librarians, and aggregators, all in a way that makes for a very easy and satisfying experience for the reader, on whatever device they want.

(Thanks, Dear Author.)

This is very big news in terms of access: cross format, searchable, (findable), text-to-speech… It’s a pretty astonishing thing. I talk more about next month, when I’ve absorbed all the implications. Right now, I think Toolan could be right: this is the Day It Changed. Nothing but good.