Publishers Weekly really screws up:

“Every year, PW selects its top 100 books, and for the first time ever PW has upped the ante by choosing the 10 books that stood out from the rest. The titles, whittled down from the more than 50,000 volumes considered this year, were picked by the PW reviews editors to reflect the very best of 2009.

The ten ‘best books’. And they’re all by boys. Every. Single. One. Ten books by men about men.

For me, this is just another indication that PW is rapidly becoming irrelevant to the real reading world. After all, women read more than men–yet our tastes and our subjects are not valued.

I think this might be PW‘s death knell. What do you think?

Addendum: if PW were based in Iceland, the list would have looked pretty damn different.