Still in Hild world, so here’s some linkage instead of a real blog post. (Though I’m considering making this a weekly feature, if I can work out how to make the time to be organised about it.)

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad. Cory Doctorow opines on BoingBoing. The title says it all.

Leaked Courier Video. This just does my head in. Again. If I win the lottery, I won’t know whether to buy this or wait for the Mythical Apple Tablet. Oh, wait, if I’m richrichrich I could get both. (Thanks, Timothy.)

Oh for a tricorder! L. Timmel Duchamp discusses current ethical implications of astrobiology. “This lecture focused chiefly on the search for “Life 2.0,” looking at each of several sites in the solar system and evaluating their promise for delivering Life 2.0 or evidence that it once existed in those sites. Will anyone be surprised to hear there were quite a lot of references to sf, mostly Star Trek, most notably a picture of Spock and a quotation: “Jim, it’s life, but not as we know it,” and, later in the lecture, in answer to the question “How do we recognize alien life?” the reply “Use a tricorder” accompanied by an image of a Star Trek tricorder.”

Modern Architecture – Stunning Whale-like Structure Can Float Away Wow. “Designed by Melbourne-based Peddle Thorpe Architects, Fluid is a whale-inspired pavilion that is sure to be a showstopper at the much-anticipated 2012 World Expo in Yeosu, South Korea.” (Thanks, Evecho) “This is not just another poetry site. PoetrySpeaks allows you to experience poetry in a host of interesting ways.” Brought to you by the brains behind Sourcebooks. This is going to corner the poetry market from producers to consumers to academics. Very, very smart move. Go learn.