From PhysOrg, a possible answer to the question, Why do females live longer than males? “Researchers in Japan have found that female mice produced by using genetic material from two mothers but no father live significantly longer than mice with the normal mix of maternal and paternal genes. Their findings provide the first evidence that sperm genes may have a detrimental effect on lifespan in mammals.” In other words, sperm kills! (Anyone else here used to read the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers?)

On Sterling Editing, links of interest to writers. Check out Noveller (note to the humour-impaired: it’s a joke). The Follow the Reader conversation on subsidy publishing might be eye-opening to those who haven’t considered the variety of perspectives.

Over at Band of Thebes, 56 queer writers name their favourite LGBT titles of 2009. “Last June 16, when a reader asked the Washington Post for recommendations of “new gay books,” critic Dennis Drabelle responded in writing, “Not many of these are being published anymore, mostly, I think, because the great gay storyline — coming out — isn’t such a big deal anymore and has been done to death.” Drabelle’s only suggestion was a British boarding school novel from 1967 long out of print. Redressing that failure, Band of Thebes asked a few dozen authors ranging from eminently established prizewinners to emerging kickass wunderkinds to name the best lgbt books of 2009.” You might recognise a couple of the names.