From The Times, news of the election of the Anglican Communion’s first lesbian bishop:

The Archbishop of Canterbury warned today that the election of a lesbian bishop in the United States raises “very serious questions” for the entire Anglican church.

Dr Rowan Williams added that the choice of Canon Mary Glasspool, who has lived with a woman partner since 1988, to be a suffragan in Los Angeles, had “important implications”.

The fragile unity of the church will be further imperilled by Canon Glasspool’s election – the second of an openly gay bishop in the US Episcopal Church.

A while ago, the Pope offered a place in the Catholic church for all those Anglican priests who are fed up of having their straight boy privilege nibbled away by the consecration of (ick) women and (oh, ack) queers to the priesthood.

I hope the Rev. Glasspool is confirmed in the position. I hope, as Canon Giles Fraser, Chancellor of St Paul’s, says, it’s “another nail in the coffin of Christian homophobia.”

Do I believe in any kind of god? No. Do I think religious institutions are a good idea? No. But for those who do believe in a god, for those who do belong to this church, the election of a right old dyke to the position of suffragan bishop is nothing but good news. Apart from all the fighting that’s going to happen now. I feel for Mary and her partner Becki. They are going to be in the crosshairs of all the wingnuts. But, eh, dykes are tough. I wish them the best of luck.