From the Daily Mail (thanks, Colleen), news of a TV drama about a woman nicknamed Gentleman Jack, taken from an intimate diary walled up by her embarrassed family. “Written in code, her confessions of bodice-ripping affairs with other women were so scandalous her family hid them for over a century. No wonder they’re being turned into a new TV drama…”

The diary itself sounds, well, rather tedious (lots of Xs representing orgasms, and lots of whining about unrequited lurve) but the dramatic possibilities are vast. I’m looking forward to it. (Let’s hope PBS picks it up and doesn’t censor it as radically as Tipping the Velvet.)

Now I’m wishing for someone to remake The Wicked Lady, only this time moving the lesbian subext to full-bore dyketext. Huh. Perhaps I’ll have to write that one.