From the Guardian, The iTunes-ization of short fiction is here:

The decision by the Atlantic magazine to begin selling some short stories, as individual downloads is, not, perhaps, the most obviously exciting item of books news you’ll have heard this year […] But the New York Times’s Motoko Rich has spotted what could be the beginning of something big. “Let the iTunes-ization of short fiction begin,” is the stirring apostrophe at the beginning of her news story on the subject.

So now we can make literary playlists to impress our girlfriends with our sexy erudition. We can do that Led-Zep-next-to-Groove-Armada frisson thing, only with words. If I were chatting up some gorgeous piece, I’d present her with a bunch o’ James Tiptree, Joanna Russ, James Blish, and Ali Smith stories, and–if, in some alternate universe, she wasn’t Kelley–some Kelley Eskridge.