I read The Economist cover to cover every week. I’m especially enamoured of their Special Reports, particularly Technology Quarterly, so I was double-dipped in delight on discovery of their new technology blog, Babbage. Take a look at this post, for instance:

OK CUPID, an online dating service in America, has run a lengthy analysis of its members’ political attitudes and concluded that Republicans form an effective opposition party because they cohere better, ideologically. The data set consisted of 172,853 people and one crucial unmentioned bias: they’re all lonely. Closer to Ok Cupid’s specialty, however, is the conclusion that Republicans are more likely to match with each other than Democrats, who are evidently incapable of agreeing on anything. (Via Chart Porn)

Rare occurrences in The Economist: typos, stupidity, dullness. Common occurrences: witty captions, biting sarcasm, knowledgeable punditry. They occasionally suffer from elite-club syndrome–the in-the-knowness can get a little tedious–but, basically, the magazine (print and online) rocks the Thunderdome. I just don’t think we’re really, y’know, suited. Besides, I doubt it bakes.