Batwoman is getting her own series, yay! Matt Staggs’ piece in Suvudu:

DC Comics announced Wednesday that Batwoman will have her own ongoing series beginning later this year. Batwoman’s most high profile role in comics has been that of lead character in “Detective Comics” during the disappearance of Batman. Artist J.H. Williams III, who was nominated for two Eisners for his work on “Detective Comics,” will continue his work with Batwoman, both drawing and writing the new series.

Batwoman is also the first lesbian superhero to have her own series, and is only one of a handful of gay comic book characters in the medium at all. Does seeing a lesbian hero in a mainstream comic book indicate a growing acceptance of LGBT characters in popular culture, over all?

If you read far enough you’ll see my response. But then see Caitlin Kiernan’s scepticism. She’s not wrong but, eh, she’s aiming for the moon, and, today, I’m just happy to fly. A dyke comic from a mainstream publisher? Woo hoo! How cool is that?

Also, over at, they’re talking about queering f/sf. I’m glad, of course, that it’s a topic for discussion but I think they could use some help with suggested reading. Pop over and give them a hand.

In non-book queer news, President Obama yesterday phoned Janice Langbehn and apologised for what she went through when her partner, Lisa, died alone in a Florida hospital. He signed a memo prohibiting discrimination against same-sex (and other) hospital visitation. This is a Good Thing. Janice has been tireless in pushing for this. I know how crushing grief can be; she deserves recognition and our thanks for helping to make this happen.

Finally, over at Sterling Editing we have our weekly round up of links for writers. Lots of cautionary remarks from experts this week: how to write, how not to respond to rejection, and when (and not) to quit your day job. And lots more.