After a lovely 3-week break full of unplugged goodness, I’m back.

It was delicious. I went out for lunches and dinners and drinks. Read novels (several! all the way through!). Went to the movies. Went to the park. Spent some serious time doing nothing at all. Found myself smiling a lot. Played with Hild. Threw a party. Pondered stuff–then thought, ah, fuck it, and went back to enjoying myself.

I can recommend pulling the cable, turning off the wifi and just…being. Seriously, give it a try.

Anyway, while I was gone there was lots of news. I’ll talk about the world and all that other stuff another time. For this post I’m going to stick to, y’know, me. And Kelley.

Kelley first because she is, after all, better looking.

Dangerous Space, Kelley’s truly awesome short fiction collection is now, finally (and yay!) available as an ebook. Check out K’s post on the matter here, or just bob right over to Amazon and buy it.

Also from the Beauteous K, news that she’ll be participating in the Clarion West Write-A-Thon. This is a fabulous scheme that helps everyone: the writers set stretch goals and CW gets money. Both are great causes so, please, go read Kelley’s post, and make a pledge. Plus, wow, Kelley’s going to write a YA book!

Okay, now me. Three things. One, which you’ve probably already seen (but hey, it’s my blog I can repeat myself if I want), is that Christie Yant narrated the whole of my novelette, “It Takes Two,” for the podcast mag, Starship Sofa. I think she did a good job. What do you think?

Two, the editor of Before They Were Giants, James Sutter, got taken to the woodshed over the fact that I’m the only woman in the anthology (and for the cover). I think he handled himself well and I know for sure he’s learnt his lesson.

Three, I am Ytterbium! Kind of. I think. Go read Cheryl’s blog, she explains everything. Or watch this video. But I like the notion of being silvery, rare, conductive and ductile…

Now back to happily deleting all the email in my inbox…