Photograph: John McDonnell/Washington Post/Getty Images

Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna has just won the Orange Prize.

I used to love Kingsolver’s work (The Bean Trees, Pigs in Heaven, Animal Dreams…), but The Poisonwood Bible didn’t work. It didn’t engage or challenge me in any way. It felt superficial or a bit off, or something. I can’t say what, exactly, because I read the first few pages and just didn’t care to continue. One day I’ll grit my teeth and read the whole thing and then I’ll be able to explain. Right now, though, I’ll just have to flap my hands inarticulately.

The Lacuna sounds a bit more solid. I own all her other work but I’m thinking I might order this from the library. (I feel a bit burnt and paying for Poisonwood.)

So has anyone read it? What did you think?