Just after lunch yesterday, Kelley and I heard a huge ‘boom’ and felt the house quiver. “Tree,” I thought, or a ship explosion in the Sound. Then another ‘boom’. We went outside: nothing, no smoke, no obvious gaps among the huge trees, no dogs barking at earthquake-triggered car alarms just…nothing. So we shrugged, went back to what we were doing.

Later, we found out it was a sonic boom made by F-15 fighters scrambled out of Portland at 1:38 pm when some doofus in a Cessna floatplane bumbled into the no-fly zone surrounding President Obama. Obama was visiting to raise money for Sen. Patty Murray.

I hope the Cessnator either loses his license for not checking restrictions before flying, or at least has to pay for the jet fuel. Or maybe he should donate rides to kids as community service. Or… Well, what would you suggest for such an idiot?