Aud’s mother told her long, long ago that the troll always wins. She’s not sure she believes that anymore–but now she’s going to have to go to Norway to find out. It turns out that maybe trolls are real. Maybe the Government has been Keeping Big (and I mean big, and hairy, and vicious) Secrets, and some intrepid souls have made a documentary.  (Thanks, Diane.)

But if non-fiction (ahem) is not your bag, then read this nifty troll story, written in If you want to read a real troll story, take a look at “A Troll Story,” which I wrote about ten years ago:

In Norway a thousand years ago, all dreaded morketiden, the murky time of winter when the sun hides below the horizon for weeks on end and the very rock sometimes stirs to walk the steep fjell in troll form. Families lived in lonely seters, and in winter, trapped by snow and darkness, the only comfort was to lift a burning twig from the hearth and touch it to the twisted wool wick floating in a bowl of greasy tallow, to watch light flare yellow and uncertain, and to hope the wind that howled down the fjell would not blow it out, leaving nothing but long twisting shadow from the fire, whose coals were already dying to deepest black tinged with red…