Cover illustration: “R’lyeh” by John Coulthart

Friend of AN, Cheryl Morgan, has launched Salon Futura, “a new and hopefully somewhat different magazine devoted to the discussion of science fiction, fantasy and other forms of speculative literature.”

Each month some of our regular team of contributors will bring you articles of interest. To save space here I have introduced them at the start of their pieces for this issue. In addition we are open to submissions for guest articles. The submission guidelines can be found here. Each issue will also contain a podcast discussion and one or two video interviews.
Salon Futura is available for free online. However, we do pay our contributors, and have business expenses. As usual with such ventures you can help us stay in business by donating, buying books through the links on this site, or by advertising.

The first issue (artwork by Coulthart, above) is out now, showcasing interviews with China Miéville and Lauren Beukes, fiction from Karen Burnham, and nifty stuff from a bunch of other people. Go take a look.