It’s a grey day here in Seattle. In fact, it’s been so miserable, weather wise, that I decided to bring the basil inside. It was looking a bit peaky and faint. I think we’ll have to harvest it soon. The seasons are changing.

If the weather runs true to form, we’ll get a week or so of sunshine between now and the fourth week of September. Kelley’s birthday is almost always sunny. My birthday is almost always windy, grey, and wet. Fair? Not even close–but I’m above all that. I have a nifty umbrella the colour of the sky on a deep summer’s night, and covered in stars. Take that, weather.

As soon as the sun starts shining again, I’ll transplant the perbs I’m hoping might manage a winter transition in this climate: thyme, marjoram, chives, sage. The dill will be harvested for sure. The basil’s fate is already sealed. (We have a lovely salad dressing planned.) The parsley–I haven’t decided. The only herb I’m confident about is the sage. It radiates robustness. It sits in its pot looking sturdy and sure. It better not be bluffing.

For those who need more than plants, I have two links to keep you going.

One is the Sterling Editing roundup of nifty articles for writers, including advice from William Gibson and Alice Walker.

The other is the LA Times article about the unconstitutionality of DADT. It’s going to get interesting pretty soon.

Have a lovely Sunday.