all gone

Our neighbours have just cut down a whole row of trees and shrubs, so many I can’t bear to name them all. Our privacy has been destroyed. This sucks really hard. No, the neighbours aren’t evil; they have a groundwater/drainage issue. If they don’t fix it, their house will slide into the ravine. But, still, we are suffering.

So now I throw myself upon the kindness of the intarweeb and ask the gardeners among you: what grows very tall very fast and doesn’t cost too much? We’re going to need something about 12′ high (minimum), and, oh, twenty feet wide. And dense. A happy habitat for birds is a plus. We have drainage concerns and construction of our own, so we may or may not be able to plant deeply-rooted thing. (Tonight will be the night of rooting about in old documentation to find ancient blueprints and our Form 17, the real estate disclosure/declaration provided by the previous homeowners about Issues. Yeah, lotsa fun.)

I’d be particularly pleased if we could attract hummingbirds with the new plantings. We have a lot around here, but they seem very stupid–always trying to drink from the climbing roses at the front. So something brightly coloured and scented with droopy flowers would probably work. Mainly, though: tall and thick and fast. Evergreen preferred.