Always is back in town: finally, the trade paperback has been reprinted. Just in time to buy the whole three-book package for the holidays. Buy it from Amazon. Buy it from Seattle Mystery Bookshop. Buy it from the University Bookstore. Just, y’know, buy it.

More, much more–synopsis, first chapter, podcast interviews, readings–here (read the right-hand sidebar). For those who have been living under a rock, here’s what smart, good-looking and in every way discerning people have to say about Aud:

Without Aud, it’s hard to see how there could have been a Lisbeth Salander.
–Val McDermid

One scary, gorgeous creature who loses herself in the beauty and balletic control of pure violence. An exceptional woman.
–Village Voice

Delicious… Wildly and exuberantly violent. Enthralling, utterly convincing, unique.
–Publishers Weekly (starred)

Knows how to fight, kill, survive and think… One of my favorite kick-ass, super-competent, coolheaded, hotblooded, semilegal girls.

Sexy and iconic.
–Voice Literary Supplement

White hot, an enigmatic heroine unlike any ever before.
–Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Sleek, sexy, and decidedly dangerous.

Aud Torvingen is the avenging angel inside us all. She’s fast, frightening, startlingly sexy. I promise you, she’ll haunt your days long after you’ve finished the book.
–Manda Scott

Tough, sexy, and alluring.
–Seattle Weekly

Smart, resourceful, cool as a cucumber
–New York Times Book Review

–Seattle Times

–San Diego Union-Tribune

Supremely capable.

Couldn’t be more singular.
–Lambda Book Report

–Seattle P-I

The sexiest action figure since James Bond.
–Seattle Weekly

Plus, come the revolution Aud will be unleashed, and those who can’t prove undying loyalty (with, y’know, a book) will be first against the wall and shot. So don’t think of this post as shameless self-promotion, think of it as a selfless attempt to save your life.