On this lovely November Saturday, three things for you delectation and delight.

A great review of Kelley’s Dangerous Space by Terry Weyna, who loves the way Kelley describes art and how we make it–how, sometimes, we’re helpless in the face of the need to make it and share it. “Eskridge can explain the process of creating better than anyone I’ve ever read.” She thinks Mars is a boy but otherwise she’s spot on. Kelley thinks so too.

Over at Sterling Editing we have lots of nifty links for writers, including a couple of blunt appraisals of I-wouldn’t-trust-him-as-far-as-I-could-throw-him James Frey’s latest scheme, and a great video of Kurt Vonnegut.

And speaking of video, here (from the Economist‘s Johnson) are some of the cast of Harry Potter trying to speak American. I feel for them extremely. If ever I want to make Kelley fall down laughing, all I ever have to do is say Turkey Burger. Some words are simply not meant to be shaped by English mouths.