The Senate, in their wisdom (pop quiz to prevent literal mindedness: is this irony or oxymoron?), have failed to vote to move forward with debate on a bill ending DADT.

Go read about it at the Washington Post. I don’t want to spend any more teeth-grinding time on this. I will spend my time more productively: get blind drunk and curse partisan Congressional game-playing. And low IQ levels. And poor education. And the combination thereof that makes this idiocy possible.

In my opinion, this country is moving backwards via Cardiff. (There again, many countries often do.) Today, I am disgusted. I was disgusted yesterday, too, about the whole tax thing. But at least that doesn’t pick on my tribe. Oh, wait, yes it does–my tribe being people who don’t earn much.

As I type this, I feel temporarily tired and sick at heart.

No doubt tomorrow will be a better day for all of us. Or most of us. Or at least some of us. So, hey, if you have something cheerful to say, I’d love to hear it. Please give us all something to smile about.