The Tragedy of the kerbs (kitchen herbs, grown hydroponically) is still a mystery. But we’ve taken radical steps. We cut all the dead stuff away from the blighted herbs in the front row–oregano, marjoram, thyme–and then also did a severe pruning on the the healthy herbs in the back–basil, parsley, sage, chives–so that we could lower the light stalk and bring UV closer to the poor sad front row things on life support. Fingers crossed:

At the end of last summer, we harvested all our perbs (pot herbs, on the back deck) and just left the pots outside. And today, ta-da! The chives are growing strong. The sage has definitely over-wintered, and the thyme, I’m pretty sure, is about to burst forth:

Which reminds me of a scene I just wrote in Hild, in which a pregnant woman says: there’s always hope. Sadly for her, she dies.

Moral of the story: real life is better than fiction.