I’ve started to read Hild now. I have to say (modesty is not in my DNA) the first hundred pages rock the thunderdome!

But it means I’m going to be erratic and eccentric again. Here, to keep you amused, are two pictures. One is of the contents of the box I showed you the other day:

You’ll see it hasn’t even been opened yet. This is because I have heroic self control. (And because vertigo doesn’t play nicely with fuming, aromatic, and very definitely intoxicating fine Armagnac.)

And then there’s the kerbs, because it occurred to me that you hadn’t seen how the front row are beginning to recover from their accident a while back:

They’re not nearly as lush as they were, but they’re being very brave. And tasty–because we keep just munching them up.

Tomorrow, perhaps more news of Hild, and what Carkeek park is like lately. I hope your weekend is proving as fine as mine.