He’s dead. Will it make any difference?

In the national and international political arena, yes. Internationally (and to its citizens), the story of the US is now that it’s the country that did what it swore it would. It is now a nation with a will of adamant and unbreakable purpose. This might give other countries pause. There again, it might not–rational thinking is not, historically, part of the worldview of extremists, and some countries are still run by same. In domestic political terms it makes a big difference. No serious Democrat will now mount a challenge to Obama. And a good chunk of Independent voters will now no doubt think Obama is tough enough on security and crime (and reasonable enough on taxes and spending) to vote him in for another term.

In non-govermental practical terms, I’m not sure it will make any difference. I think we’ll probably see more instances of terrorism, not fewer, as various groups duke it out for bin Laden’s mantle. Getting through security at the airport will get more difficult, for a while.

I just don’t know enough, I can’t see past the propaganda, to be certain of anything else. If anyone out there has information to share, I’d like to hear it. Just play nicely.