According to The Advocate, David Cameron, the leader of the UK’s coalition government, wants to ban same-same kissing on TV until after 9 pm. And this is from the leader of the party that’s said it believes firmly in equality.

This is a head-scratcher. There are a zillion queer couples of British TV and as far as I can tell, no one cares (except to say: Aw, that’s sweet!) See, for example, the lesbians in lurve on Coronation Street:

No more kissing for you–at least until after your bed time…

So what’s going on? Is this some weird, badly-time stab at pandering to the conservative base? And why now, right after the Royal Wedding (favourite photo of that here)? Anyone want to take a guess?

ETA: FoAN Jac Hills, on Facebook, says:

Done a bit of research – it seems that it’s the department of education commissioning the Mother’s Union (WTF?????) who for some strange reason have a bloke called Reg Bailey in charge – to carry out a review of all media (including billboard ads) and report back to them – they’re worried about the sexualisation of children – especially with some of the dance videos that are around these days.

So, okay, it’s the ‘different but equal’ nonsense again. (See this article from the Daily Mail.) “Oh, of course it’s okay for queer people to kiss, just not in front of the children! They’s so innocent, you see, and must be protected.”

This is why we need marriage, not marridge, rights for same-sex couples. If you have to call something by a different name, it’s not the same. If it’s different, it’s not equal.

ETA: Oh, dear. According to the Pink Paper, a Downing Street source says Cameron ‘has yet to express an opinion on the matter’. Looks as though I jumped the gun. The fact that the Advocate did, too, doesn’t lessen my (mild) embarrassment. Sorry. But, hey, you got a nifty video out of it. Though now you probably have Lady Gaga stuck in your head. I do, anyway. Sorry about that, too.