The Lambda Literary Award finalists reading last night went well–great performances in front of a great crowd and then a dozen or so people hanging out drinking beer in the cafe afterwards (almost always my favourite part…)

Actually, when I’m doing a reading, the Q&A is usually my favourite part (especially when I can drink beer at the same time). But last night wasn’t about me, it was about the Lambda Literary Foundation and about the finalists. I just sorta emceed. And drank beer. And beamed benevolently over the proceedings. And bullied people into buying the readers’ books. And harangued people to donate money to LLF.

Did you know that on there’s a nifty PayPal button that means you can donate without even bothering to look up your credit card number? Well, now you do. Go give something. Feel the convenience…

Sadly I forgot to take my iThing and so couldn’t take photos. You’ll just have to imagine the fabulosity. Or, even better, go buy one of the finalists’ books and enjoy the work in private.