It’s been a beautiful day here in Seattle (yes, technically it’s night or–oops, morning now–as I type this). Blue, blue sky, birds and bees, beef for breakfast (long story). Then I got a haircut and came home to the most delicious scents: brine from the Salish Sea, drifts of tree blossom, lilacs, sunshine on new-mown grass. One of those, How lucky am I? moments.

Then it got better: scents of toasting almonds and marmalade and lime marinade, and then–joy, rapture, delight–baking chocolate cloud cake.

Then the most delightful Italian wines and conversation about Schrödinger’s Art…

Then the fucking freeloading cat yowling outside as we put the rest of baked salmon in the fridge for tomorrow. But, eh, we won’t go there. (Visions of tree chippers dancing in my head.)

…And soon to sleep. Breakfast tomorrow: baked salmon and chocolate cloud cake. Life is so good I think I might deliquesce.