Busy day today, so I thought I’d link to four things you might find interesting:

  • Here’s a trailer for a film on the secret history of feminist art: !Women Art Revolution. I want to see that!
  • The finalists for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Translation Awards are announced.
  • Here’s the full text of Obama’s speech to Parliament. It’s an okay speech, but, damn, Churchill was good. He knew just how to ring that interior bell.
  • And here’s your chance to help emerging writers learn to ring our reader bells. LLF has set up donor pages for individual Fellows for the annual workshop/bootcamp/writing retreat for Emerging LGBT Voices. These are the new writers with fire in the bellies and mouths filled with light I taught last year. (Well, not these writers. These are the new crop.) Go read their individual pages, click on the wee ‘show all fundraisers’ blurb at the top right, and choose whose voice you’d like to encourage. Or help them all: we need their voices.