As I mentioned yesterday, Kelley bakes. One of my favourite treats is apple and blackberry crumble. Here’s a photo:

Kelley has thoughtfully provided the recipe here. (Substitute blackberries for rhubarb, and don’t add the lemon zest. I find myself less and less enamoured of citrus.) Then pour the best cream you can find over the whole thing. Yum! We took one to our neighbours, in exchange for the huge bag of salad greens from their garden.

Anyway, Kelley’s thing is baking. My thing is McGyver meals. (Just for fun, here’s another one.) Last weekend I decided to finally make something using the flowers our chives insist on sprouting. This is what I came up with:

I don’t have a name for it, but it’s basically roasted asparagus, sauteed chicken and mushrooms, cooked up with a roux and white wine and cream, served over egg noodles, and sprinkled with chive flowers. (Two things: roast the asparagus with olive oil at 400℉ for about 11 minutes, and tease the chive flowers apart into their constituent bell-like thingies. Oh, and when you make the roux, do make sure you heat it slowly and thoroughly. I hate the taste of uncooked flour. I bet you do, too.)

We ate the whole thing with a salad made from our neighbour’s greens (five or six different things) and grated carrot, with a dressing made from tofu and our home-grown basil. Then we passed out feeling all back-to-the-landish and self-sufficient. And, y’know, full.