Much deliciousness. Including baking (ginger scones!). And fine weather–seriously, two whole days of over 70 degrees. First time in…well, probably since September last year.

Our garden’s been through some changes: the rosemary bush died of root rot (all that rain…). The lavender is humming with bees and being flittered over by butterflies. Yesterday we saw our first rose bloom. Today there were eight of them. The chive flowers (what remains) are proving to be catnip for bees.

Speaking of cats, Chow Ciao turns out to have a twin. No wonder she’s eating so much. I looked out of the window yesterday and thought I was seeing double. I blinked. Sat down. Took a breath. But there really were two of them. One of them is paler and fatter than the other, but otherwise they’re the same.

And just to prove that silver linings are everywhere, although we lost a lot of our privacy last year when the neighbours took down their 20′ high laurel hedge (and regained much of it with the new fence), we now get the most beautiful southwest light in the evening. It transforms our house in the evening. Magical.

That’s it. I hope your weekend was marvellous and strange, too.