Yesterday, I saw this tweet from @oatmeal. (You have to go click the link and look at the photo or this post won’t make sense.)

Nailed it! I thought, then pottered off into the kitchen to make a tuna sandwich. I opened the cupboard to get out a Tupperware bowl to mix the tuna salad in and store in the fridge to get cool, and found that Kelley had organised the Tupperware (okay, the cheap disposable knockoffs) into stacks of bowls separated by the appropriate lids:

yeah, we have more than that but some are, y’know, in the fridge

And I was reminded of all the many, many ways Kelley makes my life better; all the many, many ways I love her. (Most do not involve Tupperware. Just to be clear.) But this one really struck me. So I thought I’d share.